Getting Started

Welcome to Tiqo-l, the event-based Java backend for JavaScript.

Tiqo is super dynamic and responsive. It is based on WebSockets to make real time changes to HTML-elements!


  • Realtime changes to HTML-elements
  • Event-based programming on the server-side
  • Super easy to use API
  • Dynamic http-content-server to directly send files to the client
  • Sleek and fast session management
  • Super configurable
  • and way more ...


But before you start it is essential for you to know what the exact purpose of Tiqo-L is:

Tiqo-L doesn't replace a webserver like apache or nginx!

Tiqo-L wasn't made to host the HTML files even though it might be supported in the future for small standalone projects. Tiqo-L needs a webserver to host the .html files and the JavaScript-client. The real content of the page will be delivered to the client by the server.

Can I write my complete website using Tiqo-L?

Yes you can, but I won't recommence it. Tiqo-L is made to create super responsive web-panels that need real time data (like a performance monitor or a liveticker) or for multi-user applications (like a online document editor or a card game). Using Tiqo-L for very static websites with less to no dynamic content is not recommenced since its wasted server performance (That is why is not made with Tiqo-L). The ideal usage of Tiqo-L is a classic website with Tiqo-L elements (for example in iframes).

Still want to use Tiqo-L? Great! Go to the article "Setup" to find out how to setup your server.